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Hydride/Dehydride Furnace Technology
and Specialized Metal Powder Milling

Green Ridge Metals (GRM) is pushing the boundaries of material processing with our advanced hydride/dehydride (HDH) furnace technology and specialized metal powder milling. Our commitment is to fuel innovation the aviation, medical device, and defense industries, ensuring every customer gets superior quality materials with controlled particle sizes for high-performance applications. 

Mo Ferralloys

Ferro Mo & Ferro Boron


and their alloys

Before and After of Advanced Niobium Hydriding

Niobium ingots before and after undergoing our hydriding process. The correct hydriding of Niobium is a critical factor in ensuring that our customers receive a material that meets their specs and performs as expected. 

Before and After Hydride of Niobim


We’re the only independent provider capable of offering comprehensive HDH services alongside full powder milling services for hydride materials.

Green Ridge Metals Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

We offer superior materials at competitive prices that benefit your bottom line.

Deep Experience

Deep Experience

Our team’s rich experience in powder processes translates into exceptional product quality.

Expert Team

Expert Team

Our staff metallurgists are at the forefront of industry knowledge and innovation.

Personalized Service

Personalized Service

Deal directly with the owners, ensuring a personalized, customer-first approach.

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